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Description of the drug Andriol

Active chemical: testosterone undekanoat.

Trade names:

  • Andriol 40 mg caps: Organon Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Germany, Thailand.
  • Ravzini Italy.
  • Panteston 40 mg caps: Organon Finland, France.
  • Restandol 40 mg caps: Organon Denmark, UK, Greece.
  • Undestor 40 mg caps: Organon Belgium, Sweden.
  • Virigen 40 mg caps: Organon Turkey.

General information about the drug

Andriol is one of the few new steroids that has appeared in recent years. Unlike most anabolic steroids, which entered the market as early as the 1950s and 1960s (and partially have already disappeared), Andriol has existed only since the early 80s. This circumstance is probably an explanation of why Andriol takes a special place among steroids. This is a revolutionary steroid. along with “methyltestosterone” is the only oral drug testosterone. Oral testosterone itself is completely ineffective, since reserved through the portal vein and immediately inactivated in the liver. The active chemical substance testosterone undecanoate contained in “Andriol” is absorbed through the intestines and enters the lymphatic system bypassing the liver so that this drug is effective when administered orally. It does not have the slightest effect on liver function.

Testosterone undecanoate– It is a fatty acid ester of natural androgen – testosterone and is converted in the human body mostly to dihydrotestosterone, a product of testosterone metabolism.

Therefore, Andriol is only minimally flavored, i.e. only an insignificant part of this substance can turn into estrogen since dihydrotestosterone is not flavored. Therefore, Andriol does not show in those who accept it the phenomena of feminization, such as, for example, gynecomastia or increased formation and accumulation of fat. Therefore, it is a desirable alternative for athletes who have problems with conventional injectable testosterone preparations. On this basis, “Andriol” is suitable for preparing for competitions. Another advantage is the non-aromatization of “Andriola” – allows the body to not feel the effect of the steroid on its reproduction of the hormone, which happens only in cases of long-term treatment with high doses. Since “Andriol” is very quickly excreted by the body, this should be taken into account in competitions with doping control. Women should avoid using “Andriol” because Androgenic components – as in general in all testosterones – are very pronounced in the body when taking this drug. When it is used, sometimes there are phenomena of high blood pressure, accumulation of fluid in the body, acne, supersexuality, and in women, all this leads to symptoms of masculinization.




Storage rules

Andriol should be stored in a cool place (from 6 to 15 degrees) is better in the refrigerator.  Because capsules are very sensitive to heat, then when exposed to direct sunlight, for example, in a car, these capsules can quickly melt and turn into an indefinite mass. Due to its unusual release form, Andriol is very difficult to fake. 

The original testosterone tunic out is produced in small, oval-shaped red capsules, which have a notch in the form of a university on their upper side, and the lower side, the symbol of the Eye. This inscription does not scrape off the nails. Although, as a rule, there are no Andriol fakes, it is still possible that someone will try to give you instead of the usual capsules of wheat germ oil. Therefore, always pay attention to what is printed on the capsules. Available in pharmacies in Thailand and sold without prescriptions, Organon Holland, Andriol, is very interesting from cost and is sold in an unusual package – dark brown bottles are considered normal here. Sometimes 10 capsules are in a two-layer cellular packaging of silver foil, on which there is a blue inscription, the packaging is relatively large. Sometimes ten strips (ribbons) are packed in one box. Abstract – both in Thai and in English.

Steroid Reviews

Although Americans are thrilled with this drug “If he (Andriol) were on sale in American pharmacies, it would have become as popular as oral Dianabol” or Daniel Dachyan, Handbook of steroids, 2: “Andriol would also be preferred, like Dianabol, if it were sold in the States at a reasonable price.” And also “Handbook of Anabolic, March 1988”: “We give Andriol the best rating”), we still do not share this opinion. Since the availability of testosterone-inkanoat in the States is almost equal to 0, here, it seems, the myth has spread that, unfortunately, does not correspond to reality (experts still remember the myth of the bolasterone of the early 80s). Our opinion is that Andriol is the main oral medication for cautious athletes, who have already accumulated experience in the use of injectable testosterone and are aware of its many side effects, and for elderly athletes. Those who take it in doses less than 240 to 280 mg per day will be disappointed with its action.

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Andriol’s great advantage is its good tolerability. It can, for example, be used for a long time in combination with Deca – Durabolin and in combination, it is an alternative to the famous combination of Dianabol – Deca – Durabolin, especially for athletes consciously concerned with their health. In theory, Andriol as quickly and reliably builds up strength and mass, in combination with the famous accumulation of water, as well as the well-proven injection Testosterone Sustanol 250 and Long-acting Testosterone 250. . But unfortunately, this is not the case. Athletes who wish to accumulate too much water through long-acting injection testosterones and look smooth and elastic without giving up the dough, should at least not have estrogen-related problems at dosages up to 240 mg of Andriol a andriol testocapsday and do not have reductions in the retention of water. In this phase, it is necessary to keep the content of estrogen at the lowest possible level, because otherwise, any better diet will be useless. The introduction of Andriola here is a completely meaningful stage, and, as a rule, brings acceptable results. Otherwise, Andriol – perhaps, rather a tool for bodybuilders. who wish to accumulate too much water through long-acting injection testosterone during the preparation for the competitions and look smooth and elastic without giving up the “dough” reductions in the retention of water. In this phase, it is necessary to keep the content of estrogen at the lowest possible level, because otherwise, any better diet will be useless. Introduction Andriol here, completely full of the meaning stage, and brings, as a rule, acceptable results.