Characteristics of the drug Testosterone Cypionate

Active chemical: testosterone.

Trade names:

  • Andro-CIP 100 mg / ml; 200 mg / mL: Kim USA.
  • Andronad 100 mg / ml; 200 mg / ml: Pasadena USA.
  • D-T.est 100 mg / ml; 200 mg / mL: Wedge Aiden USA.
  • Dep-Test 100 mg / ml: Sig US.
  • Dep-Testosterone 100 mg / ml; 200 mg / ml: Royki Mountain USA.
  • Depot Andro-100-200 100 mg / ml; 200 mg / ml: Forist USA.
  • Depot-Testosterone 50 mg / mL: Upjeon USA.
  • Depot-Testosterone 100 mg / ml; 200 mg / mL: Upjohn USA.
  • Depotest UOmg / ml; 200 mg / ml: Hayrex USA; Kay USA
  • Douratest-100-200 100 mg / ml; 200 mg / mL: Hawk USA.
  • MaloGen SIP 100 mg / ml; 200 mg / ml: Forist USA.
  • Test-C 200 mg / ml: Fortach USA.
  • Testadiate Depot 200 mg / mL: Kay US.
  • Testeks Leo prolongatum 100 mg / ml; 250 mg / ml: Leo Spain.
  • Testoject-Lag / ml; 200 mg / mL: Meyrend US.
  • Test Red Cypionate 200 mg / ml: JCN USA.

General information about the drug

A look at the list of trade names for testosterone cypionate clearly shows that this active chemical is sold almost exclusively in the United States. There he is the most beloved and most widely used testosterone. Although testosterone prophylaxis is also known in Europe, its availability here is practically zero.

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The only original and legally European drug “Testeks Leo prolongatum” is produced by the company “Leo” and is sold only in Spain. It is produced in two types of concentration: 100 mg / ml and 250 mg / ml. And since we have some athletes using real cypionate, unfortunately, there is no practical information about this chemical. In order not to fall into a rant, we would like for this purpose to seek the advice of the American specialized literature. In the widely used book in the United States, Anabolic Medicine, 5th ed., 1990, Nathaniell Phillips reads about testosteronecionate: “This is an injectable form of testosterone dissolved in oil. It has a strong androgenic and anabolic effect.


testosterone cypionate


Depot-Testosterone see The list of trade names is quite easy to aromatize. The accumulation of water that comes with its use is often a problem. It is relatively toxic to the liver, but significantly reduces its own testosterone production. Depo-Test gives most ogres Omny increase in strength and mass. Combines with many steroids and forms a treatment – by increasing the mass. This medicine is a favorite testosterone of athletes. Although the gains achieved with testosterone are enormous, the loss of strength and mass as the drug is discontinued is significant. queue suppressed own testosterone production.

Athletes reviews

Some athletes still talk about small losses of mass and strength, if you take Nolvadex at the same time during treatment, slowly reduce the dose and start taking HCG at the end of treatment. If you take the drug in reasonable doses, its benefit exceeds its negative side. The current dosage for men is 1 – 3 ml per week, women should avoid using it. If one considers in-line the quality of testosteropionate, one will notice that there is a very great similarity with testosterone enanthate. Thus, cypionate is a long-testosterone cypionate for saleacting American testosterone, while enanthate is European.Almost everything that is written in this book about testosterone enanthate also applies to cypionate. Americans think that cypionate accumulates even more water in the body than enanthate, and therefore it has a bigger kick. We think that most athletes are unlikely to find the difference between the drugs. Daniel Duchain, in his book, The Handbook of Steroids, 2, states: “If an athlete does not react particularly to water accumulation, he does not distinguish between enanthate and cypionate. They are so similar that they sell one instead of another.” Therefore, the advice: avoid buying drugs that are issued for cypionate with an American label, because at best, you are waiting for the purchase of ordinary enanthate. Based on the current situation, the export of the drug to Europe is completely excluded. The “Lemmon”, “Goldline”, and “International Pharmaceuticals” drugs that are sold on the black market are fake and do not contain cypionate (see also the chapter on fakes). Those who have access to the original Spanish drug, achieved very good results with doses of 250-1000 mg per week.