Winstrol tablets

How to take Winstrol tablets?

Active chemical: stanozolol. Trade names: Stromba (withdrawn) 5 mg tablet: Winthrop Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Germany; Sterling-Winthrop Sweden; Sterling Research UK; Berger Austria. Winstrol (withdrawn) 2 mg tbl .: Winthrop Greece, Portugal; Winthrop Farm USA. Winstrol 2 mg tbl .: Zambon Spain, Italy. Much of what has already been said about injectable Winstrol generally also …

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Why do you need Proviron?

Active chemical: mesterolone. Trade names: Mestranum 25 mg tbl. Schering Denmark, Sweden. Pluriviron 25 mg dragee: Ame Germany. Proviron 10 mg TBL: Schering Turkey. Proviron 25 mg tbl. Schering Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, France, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Poland; Alkaloid Yugoslavia. Proviron 50 mg tbl: Schering Spain. Whistimon 25 mg TBL: Yenafarm Germany. Drug …

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The whole truth about the anabolic steroid Parabolan

Active chemical: trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. Trade names: Parabolan 76 mg / 1.5ml: Negma France. This is a relatively young steroid. The company “Laboratories Negma” delivered it for the first time to the French market in 1980. Until today, the drug is manufactured by the same company and only by it, and until today it is officially sold only …

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What is necessary tool Lasix?

Active chemical: furosemide. Trade names: Durafirid 40 mg Tbl: Durahemi. Fumarenid 40 mg Tbl: Brenner Efeka. Furo-Puren 40 mg tbl: Klinge-Natterm Puren. Furo-raziofarm 30 mg caps: Raziofarm. Long Furorez 40 mg, 500 mg Tbl: Nexal. Furosemide 40 mg Tbl: Heumann. Furosemide 40mg tbl: Stadafarm. Herds Furosemide – Raziofarm 40 mg, 500 mg Tbl: Raziofarm. Fusid 40 mg tbl: …

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Fat Burner Clenbuterol

Fat Burner Clenbuterol

Active chemical: clenbuterol hydrochloride. Trade names: Broncodil 0.01 mg tbl: Bach Italy. Broncoterol 0.02 mg tbl: Quimedical Portugal. Cesbron 0.02 mg tbl: Fidelis Portugal. Clenasma 0.02 mg TBL: Biomedical Foscum Italy. Contrasmine 0.02 mg TBL: Falkvi Italy. Contraspasmin 0.02 mg tbl: Farm sd Dresden Germany. Monores 0.01 mg tbl: Valeas Italy. Monores 0.02 mg TBL: Valeas …

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